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Bangla Voice Clock 3.37

Time announcer and alarm clock
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Announces the time every 15, 30 or 60 minutes and acts as an alarm clock that you can schedule. Supports up to six alarms and plays custom sounds as alarms.

Bangla Voice Clock 3.37 is a time announcing and alarm clock.
Bangla Voice Clock can announce the time in selectable intervals of 15, 30, 60 minutes. You can preset six alarms and schedule as many events as you like, specifying when should you be reminded.
You can record your own voice message to use as reminder, without leaving the program. All you need is go to Event, Add, fill in the details of the reminder, record the sound with the Record button, stop the recording with the Stop button, listen to the file you recorded with the Play button, and pressing the Store button to finalize.

Of course, you can use any .wav file you like to be played.

Bangla Voice Clock 3.37 includes a prayer time reminding for Muslims, allowing you to set all five Namaaz times.

The pre recorded voice is from a nine year old child, and it announces the time in Bangla or English. You can replace the files as you want.

At any time you will be able to see the list of alarms, add new ones or edit the existing ones.

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  • It´s a nice, tiny and free utility to set reminders in your PC


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